Beautiful Horizon

Beautiful Horizon

Code: MD032101
Price: ¥2400
Format: CD Album
Release: 2003.04.24


  1. Circo Marimbondo/Catavento
  2. No Vento
  3. Comunhao
  4. Nascente
  5. Por Nao Saber
  6. Encontros E Despedidas
  7. Di Fato
  8. Cancao De Amar
  9. Voo De Aviao
  10. Aquelas Coisas Todas
  11. Ponta De Areia

To celebrate the Minaswing returning to the music scene, their first album Beautiful Horizon is already available on iTunes!

CD Info

The band debut album Beautiful Horizon was released in 2003 with limited edition. At that time, the album gained certain popularity and has included Lisa Ono comments. Today, the album is a rare item. Inside this context, taking advantage of their returning to the music scenery, Tupi Records decided to start the transmission of Minaswing songs on the internet, allowing users to purchase songs via iTunes Store and other popular online music vendors.
The title of the album: “Beautiful Horizon”, is the English translation of Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state.


* Profile of the members who recorded the album Beautiful Horizon in 2003

Paulo Cesar Gomes (Piano, Keyboard, Back vocal)
Born in Minas Gerais state, Brazil. Gomes is the only pianist in Japan that plays all styles of Brazilian music from Bossa Nova, Samba, MPB to Jazz, including Japanese Pop and a wide variety of famous Japanese songs. He is a musician that plays with great sensibility, delicacy and dynamism. Gomes is also a composer, arranger and producer who have been contributing to the diffusion of Brazilian music in Japan.
Satoshi Ishikawa (Percussion)
Born in Tokyo, Ishikawa started to play percussion at age 9. He studied and perfected various styles of Brazilian music and due to his innate talent and ability, he is quite popular in the music scene in Japan. Ishikawa has played together with famous musicians like Roberto Menescal, Vanda Sá, Dori Caymi, Oscar Castro Neves, Lisa Ono, Orange Pekoe amongst others.

Silvio Anastacio (Vocal, Guitar)
Born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state, Anastacio incorporated Bossa Nova into Belo Horizonte’s music style, creating a completely original music style. He has been playing in many places around the world and composed the Portuguese version for Nick Wood’s hit song Passion -- the theme song for Kirin’s Love Sports campaign that reached no.1 on Japan’s International charts and was originally aired during the 2002 World Cup -- and also released a single album of this song. Besides, he composed the Portuguese version of Duran Duran’s famous song Save a Prayer and played duo with Simon Le Bon.

Kiichirou Komobuchi (Base)
Born in Tokyo, Komobuchi is a bassist with versatile technique and amazing imagination. He was the only one Japanese musician chosen by Roberto Menescal to play in the show Gets Bossa Nova in 97 and 98. In April 2008, he became a member of Sadao Watanabe band and since then, he has been performing with the band in Japan and overseas.
Masami Hattori(Percussion)
Born in Saitama prefecture.Besides being considered one of the most versatiles percussionists of Brazilian music in Japan, Hatori is a composer, production supervisor and radio DJ. In 1997, he participated in the Cannes Music Festival as a member of Grupo Sundayand has already played together with Chiquinho, Lisa Ono and Orange Pekoe.

Steve Sacks (Saxophone, Flute, Back vocal)
Born in Washington DC, United States. Sacks is graduated in Music Theory from Harvard University. He started his career as a Jazz saxophonist and has specialized in Bossa Nova and Brazilian music. As a professional musician, he has played in concerts worldwide, besides performing together, recording and making arrangements to Lisa Ono, Astrud Gilberto, Tate Puente, Paul Simon, Yukari Ito amongst others.