Bossa A Cappella

Bossa A Cappella

Code: DDCZ-1637
Price: ¥2500
Format: CD Album
Release: 2009.09.30

Bossa A Cappella - BR6


  1. Papagaio Do Futuro / Fe Na Perua
  2. Mas Que Nada
  3. Tanta Saudade
  4. Sou Voce
  5. Bala Com Bala
  6. Surfboard
  7. Deixe A Menina
  8. Beijo Partido
  9. Nao Vou Ficar
  10. Casa
  11. Retrato Da Vida
  12. Eu Quero Um Samba

“Bossa A Cappella”, released at first hand in Japan!

CD Info

The group became remarkable not only in Brazil but also abroad, through their work, because of their unique talent to create new arrangements to famous songs, showing to the worldwide audience the Brazilian way to make music without instruments.


BR6 make worldwide acclaimed songs revive through their perfect harmony!
The sextet is the best Brazilian a cappella group of present time. This is clear, if we evaluate the rewarding number of times of the group.
BR6 captures with ability the expressive elements of famous Bossa Nova and MPB songs acclaimed in the Brazilian Music History and change them into a cappella style, like a magic touch. They change their way of expressing, sometimes aggressive, sometimes dazzling.
Come to listen a different Brazilian music style and feel the sublime harmony of the group.
(by Ryuichiro Higashino)


No instruments of any kind were used in the making of this album. Every sound you hear has been recorded by André Protasio, Crismarie Hackenberg, Deco Fiori, Marcelo Caldi, Marcelo Manes and Simô. The vocal percussion on all the tracks has been recorded by Marcelo Manes.