Dias de Sol

Dias de Sol

Dias de Sol - Milena Castro


  1. Dias de Sol
  2. Do Quarto a Varanda
  3. Luz Que Nao Se Apaga
  4. O Amor Nao Espera
  5. Suas Cores
  6. Todas As Palavras
  7. Na Contra-Mao
  8. Tarde Demais
  9. Bom Dia
  10. Um Lugar Pra Dois
  11. Alem do Amor
  12. Dias de Sol (remix version)

A new star's been born! Milena Castro, a talented singer and songwriter!

"Singing is part of my essence, it is like breathing or heartbeat, I can’t live without it!" (Milena Castro)

CD Info

Her first album Todas as Palavras was remastered, edited and released in Brazil and in Asia by Tupi Records with another title: “DIAS DE SOL”.


From pop to jazz, forró to samba, escorted by her talented musicians, Milena Castro often becomes the center of public attention wherever she passes, leaving the audience wishing for more.
Mário Fonseca (journalist)