Falabella De Cartola

Falabella De Cartola

Code: DDCZ-1678
Price: ¥2500
Format: CD Album
Release: 2010.05.26

Falabella De Cartola - Vanessa Falabella


  1. Acontece
  2. Alvorada
  3. As Rosas Nao Falam
  4. Autonomia
  5. Cordas De Aco
  6. Corra E Olhe O Ceu
  7. Disfarca E Chora
  8. Nao Quero Mais Amar Ninguem
  9. O Mundo E Um Moinho
  10. O Sol Nascera

Tribute album to Cartola 30 years posthumous!

CD Info

Falabella de Cartola is a posthumous tribute album to Cartola, one of the greatest all time Brazilian music songwriters.
The album was released in Brazil in 2008 to celebrate Cartola’s 100 years posthumous birthday, and released in Japan in 2010, 30 years after his death.
It contains a compilation of Cartola’s famous songs sung by Vanessa Falabella, who has her own vocal style to interpret each song, and knows how to use her voice in a subtle and suitable way to each song.
The album point outs the “Brazility” combined with New York’s jazzy way influence on which the singer interprets Cartola’s classic songs.
Her refined vocal style, certainly will also captivate the hearts and souls of Cartola fans anywhere.


Vocal: Vanessa Falabella
Acoustic Guitar: Everson Pessoa
Acoustic Bass: Eric Budney
Percussion: Beto Angerosa
Additional Percussion and Horns: Marcelo Rocha