BR6 is a six-member vocal a cappella ensemble composed by Crismarie Hackenberg (mezzo), Deco Fiori (tenor), Marcelo Caldi (tenor), André Protasio (barítono), Simô (baixo) and Naife Simões (Percussão Vocal).

All members are Rio de Janeiro based music teachers, musicians and arrangers who use their voices to reproduce the sounds of musical instruments and interpret their songs. The sextet is distinguished from others by their creative musical arrangements, which include samba, pop and jazz elements, besides their harmonic and uniquely colored voices.

They create sophisticated harmonies for their innovated a cappella arrangements in order to explore the diversity of expression and the virtuosity of each singer, adding values and more worth to songs of different styles and epochs.

2004    Completing 4 years of group formation, BR6 released their debut album Música Popular Brasileira A Cappella in the US, by Primarily A Cappella label, later released in Brazil by Biscoito Fino label. It was also released in Argentina, Japan, United States, Canada and Spain.

The album achieved almost instantaneous recognition abroad, winning 2005 *CARA Awards in two categories: Best Folk/World Album and Best Folk/World Song (for Cartola's "Disfarça e Chora").

*CARA Awards: The Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards is an annually held award regarded as a cappella music’s equivalent to Grammy awards.

2007    The group released their first album in English: Here To Stay – Gershwin & Jobim in the US by NuVision Music & Film label, interpreting songs of the two great composers George Gershwin and Tom Jobim. The album was released in Brazil by Biscoito Fino label in 2008, including Tom Jobim’s song Chovendo na Roseira as bonus track.

Here to Stay has won 2008 CARA Awards in two categories: Best Jazz Album, and Runner-up song in the Best Jazz Song category for Love is Here to Stay.

The album was also chosen as a 2007 *RARB Pick of the Year for Best a Cappella album.

*RARB: The Recorded a Cappella Review Board.

2008    The group made their first European tour performing in Austria, Slovenia and Ukraine a cappella festivals with great success.

In Brazil, they took part in the recordings of the DVD United Kingdom of Ipanema with musicians Roberto Menescal and Andy Summers (The Police), and also have shared the stage with renowned Brazilian artists in the TV music show “Som Brasil”, to pay tribute to the great composer Tom Jobim.

2009    In October, BR6 went to Japan to release their third album Bossa A Cappella, which was released later in Brazil with the title Música Popular Brasileira A Cappella Vol II.

The album has won 2010 CARA Awards in two categories: Best Folk/World Album and Best Central/South American Album. After performing in Japan, they made a concert tour in Europe.

BR6 shows how expressive and distinguishable a vocal group can be with six different arrangers, who have the incredible ability to make old songs sound original and fresh.

The sextet became renowned not only in the Brazilian musical scene but also abroad, showing the Brazilian way to create songs without any musical instrument.


Bossa A Cappella Bossa A Cappella 2009.09.30