Grupo Chorus

Grupo Chorus


Grupo Chorus is a vocal ensemble consisting of six singers and one instrumentalist, founded in 1992, when twenty singers met to sing sacred and popular songs in the city of Presidente Prudente, São Paulo.

In 2001, the group moved to Londrina, Paraná, and since then, they started to have vocal lessons from Walkyria Ferraz and dance lessons from choreographer Débora Crusiol. In the same year, they performed the Brazilian team theme song for “Four Continents Championships”, a Rhythmic Gymnastics competition held in Curitiba, Paraná, when the Brazilian team won the gold medal.

In 2005, the ensemble performed “Yes, Samba and Jazz” and, in the following year, the musical comedy “Times of Love”.

In 2007, Grupo Chorus – with the current formation – started to broaden their knowledge of Brazilian music, exploring different genres, rhythms and epochs, and participated in several choral festivals around the country. In the following year, they made their first international performance in Santiago, Chile.

In July of 2009, they won the second-place prize at National Choral Contest held in Serra Negra – São Paulo, and in November of the same year – besides being the only Brazilian group participant – they have successfully performed in Cantapueblo Choral festival held in Mendoza, Argentine.

In July of 2010, Grupo Chorus was the only Brazilian group that took part in the World Choir Games – the world’s biggest choir competition held in Shaoxing, China, that hosted more than 20.000 choristers from 472 choirs from 83 countries – and won the first prize for Pop Music category.

Miriam Hosokawa: Soprano

Ana Paula Schnorr: Contralto

Thais Batista: Contralto

Tiago Fuganti: Tenor

Fábio Turi: Tenor

Bruno Barbosa: Bass

Tânia Silveira: Piano and Musical Direction


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