Minaswing is music band based in Tokyo, composed by international members: one Brazilian (native from Minas Gerais state), one American and three Japanese musicians. They create their own musical arrangements to typical songs of Minas Gerais countryside, Brazil.

The group plays songs of Milton Nascimento, Toninho Horta, Flávio Venturini amongst others, creating their own arrangements. Besides Bossa Nova and Samba, they also play other Brazilian music rhythms, unknown by the Japanese audience, with an original repertory.

Each one of the members already has played with Lisa Ono, Roberto Menescal, Marcos Valle, and they play not only Brazilian music to their fans, but also various musical genders in many events in Japan.

The band first album entitled Beautiful Horizon -- which is an English translation of Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais state -- was released in April, 2003.

In December, 2004, Minaswing participated in the International Jazz Festival of Bangkok, in Thailand and has performed in the same stage as Crusaders, David Sanborn, Al Jarreau and other famous musicians.

The second album Mineral was released in December, 2005 by Happiness Records and one of the songs of this album, Atarashii Kimochi was the theme song of the drama Okaasan to issho that was broadcasted on NHK in May, 2006.

The band was dissolved once in February 2007, and in August 2010 they decided to reunite again, and return to their activities with greater energy and a new member (Jun Abe) on the keyboard.


Beautiful Horizon Beautiful Horizon 2003.04.24