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Partideiros Do Cacique

Partideiros Do Cacique


Carlinhos Tcha-Tcha-Tcha (Vocal, Surdo)

Whilst he skillfully plays every percussion instrument, his forte is surdo. He has already played with Rio de Janeiro renowned carnival samba schools such as Portela, Mangueira and Salgueiro, besides famous samba players like Arlindo Cruz, Wilson Moreira, Dorina, Noca, Nelson Sargento.

Marcinho do Pandeiro (Pandeiro)

Raised in Pilares district, Marcinho has been playing 4 years with singer Simone, on her world tour since the age 17. He also has played together with Zeca Pagodinho and Arlindo Cruz. His self-learned pandeiro skills were praised by Fundo de Quintal's Bira Presidente.

Bruno Sales (Vocal, Repique de Anel)

Grandson of Oscar Zacarias and nephew of Reinaldo, "The Prince of Pagode", Sales has been raised in a samba atmosphere, attending Roda de Samba (samba round) and was influenced by Partido Alto samba style (improvisation of samba songs). He has participated in some recordings of samba CDs and DVDs.

Banana (Tantan)

Grandson of the founder of Fundo de Quintal band, Henrique grew up together with samba bigshots. He has played with Sombrinha, Arlindo Cruz, Alcione, and the old generation of Mangueira, Portela and Salgueiro carnival bands.

Márcio Vanderlei (Vocal, Banjo, Cavaquinho)

Band member of singer Clara Nunes, Vanderlei studied cavaquinho with master Alipio Bicalho, and is an official band member of singer Beth Carvalho since 1999. Diligent, he studied with Zé do Cavaco, Wanderson Martins and Mauro Diniz, and graduated in Harmony at CIGAM music school. Vanderlei had performed or recorded with several renowned artists such as Martinho da Vila, Jorge Aragão, Fundo de Quintal, Almir Guineto, Arlindo Cruz, Dorina, Joana, Maria Bethania, Beth Carvalho among others.

Marcos Leandro (Vocal, Violão de 7 cordas)

Born in a musical family, his father was a percussionist and his grandfather an accordionist, Leandro started his professional career in 1995, and already played with bigshots such as Alcione, Emilio Santiago, Alexandre Pires and Martinho da Vila.


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