Yamandu Costa

Yamandu Costa


Yamandu Costa was born in Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where he began his guitar studies with his father Algacir Costa, band leader of Os Fronteiriços, when he was 7 years old.

Later, he perfected his technique with Lucio Yanel, Argentine virtuoso who was then settled in Brazil. Until the age of 15, Yamandu’s only music school was the folk music from the south of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Nevertheless, after he heard Radamés Gnatalli´s work, he decided to get in contact with the music of other renowned Brazilian musicians, such as Baden Powell, Tom Jobim, Raphael Rabello, among others.

One of the greatest geniuses of Brazilian music of all times, young Yamandu deserves the highest praise. Whenever he is on stage, he fills with joy the most select audience since his impressive performance shows the deep intimacy between Yamandu and his guitar.

The recognition he has earned throughout the years reveals what he can offer the audience – recreation of the magic of music - once from his fingers the music he plays travels through his body and soul and is almost miraculously transformed.

Yamandu is a guitar player, composer and arranger that does not fit into a single music style, yet he creates his own when he combines all of them playing his 7-string guitar. Yamandu fully deserves his beautiful name which in tupi-guarani, the native language of Brazilian indians, means the precursor of the waters of the world.


Tokyo Session Tokyo Session 2006.10.26